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U.S. Army Builds World’s First Continuous 3D Printed Concrete Barracks

Written by David

September 17, 2018

180822 M ZZ999 005 The U.S. Army’s Marine Corps (MCSC) has used the world’s largest concrete 3D printer to create a 500-square-foot barracks hut in 40 hours. A first in the world of 3D printing, the operation was a joint effort involving the Marine Corps, Army and Navy Seabees. “This exercise had never been done before,” said Capt. Matthew Friedell, AM project officer in MCSC’s Operations and Programs/G-3. “People have printed buildings and large structures, but they haven’t done it onsite and all at once. This is the first-in-the-world, onsite continuous concrete print.” The team started with a computer-aided design model on a 10-year old computer, concrete and a 3D printer at the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) in Champaign, Illinois. Once they hit print, the concrete was pushed through the print head and layered repeatedly to build the walls. The whole exercise took 40 hours […]


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