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U.S. Army 3D printing ultra-strong steel parts from powder

U.S. Army 3D printing ultra-strong steel parts from powder

Written by David

March 26, 2019

Researchers foresee combat replacement parts as transformative for battlefield logistics. 0 The U.S. Army researchers are looking into metal additive manufacturing to create steel alloy as a way to transform combat logistics. At the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command’s Army Research Laboratory, materials manufacturing scientists say this technology may change everything, although readily printed reliable 3D parts are still in the future. “You can really reduce your logistics footprint,” said Dr. Brandon McWilliams, a team lead in the lab’s manufacturing science and technology branch. “Instead of worrying about carrying a whole truckload, or convoys loads of spares, as long as you have raw materials and a printer, you can potentially make anything you need.” Using powder bed fusion, the Army researchers are building parts from an alloy, called AF96, in powder form. The Air Force initially developed AF96 as an economical yet high-strength and hardness alloy for bunker-busting […]


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