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Types of 3D Scanning Technologies

Types of 3D Scanning Technologies

Written by David

April 11, 2019

What is 3D scanning? 3D scanning is the process of converting a 3D object into a 3D model. This technique captures information like the shape, the texture, the color, and other details of the object being scanned. A 3D scanner collects information about the object being scanned as well as the environment (e.g. room) in which the object is present. Besides objects, a person can also be 3D scanned. 3D scanners essentially create the digital copy of a real world object. This digital copy or 3D file can then be edited and 3D printed as per the user’s requirements. 3D scanner files are generally compatible with CAD software and 3D printing slicer software. Sometimes, certain tweaks may be necessary in the CAD software to make the 3D scanner file compatible. A single scan is not enough to re-create a complete model of the object being scanned. Normally, hundreds of […]


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