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Turkish firm AxolotlBiosystems makes 3D bioprinters for universities around the world

Written by David

February 7, 2019

3D bioprinting is the cutting edge of 3D printing as it joins engineered materials and living tissues into complex shapes. Many universities are private research firms are currently exploring paths to 3D printing bones, muscles, and organs. Some of those organizations build their own bioprinters either from scratch or by modifying an FDM (fused deposition modeling) 3D printer, but the researchers doing 3D bioprinting are usually some form of biologists, meaning they have to work with an engineering department/firm to construct their 3D printers. That can often delay projects and result in bioprinters that are just good enough to prove a concept but struggle with more demanding tasks. Turkish company AxolotlBiosystems provides a solution to those researchers by offering a highly-sensitive 3D bioprinter specifically designed for research. Their 3D bioprinters have been adopted by several universities so far, including Stanford University, Penn State University, Hacettepe, Marmara, Acıbadem, and İstinye […]


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