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Top Ten Trends in Light Technologies, 2019

Top Ten Trends in Light Technologies, 2019

Written by David

January 7, 2019

Light technologies are at the heart of today’s world, enabling the most sophisticated processes and procedures. Novus Light editors have identified ten significant trends in the application of light technologies, each of which is the result of many small, incremental advances and all offer abundant opportunity. Ten trends that top our list in 2019: Brain imaging Additive manufacturing Quantum technologies Augmented/virtual reality Polarization cameras Lidar sensing Lighting control Deep learning Mini spectrometers Smart factories Brain imaging The field of brain imaging is expanding as advancements are made in technologies such as holography, 3D imaging, photon counting, fiber optic sensing and implantable MRI imaging. The 3D imaging market alone is expected to grow nearly 25% over the next three years, with brain research being one of its many applications. Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel have developed a photon counting solution that improves the quality of rapid 2D and […]


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