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Owning and operating a 3D printer can be rewarding to go from design to final finished product all on your own. However, certain aspects like the time spent troubleshooting and optimizing settings to produce quality prints can get tedious. Or after significant investment in time and equipment you may find that you’ve just reached the limits of your 3D printers’ capability, and you would like more options.

Read on to discover the top five reasons to turn to a service bureau like i.materialise to print your designs.


1. Wide range of technologies, materials, and colors The majority of consumer/prosumer 3D printers use plastic, such as PLA or ABS filament, or a type of light-sensitive resin. Plastic or small-scale resin parts work well for initial prototyping or model making. But there are many more 3D printing materials and technologies to discover. Laser-sintered aluminum , for example, gives you the ability […]