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Top 5 benefits of 3D printing for architecture

Top 5 benefits of 3D printing for architecture

Written by David

May 17, 2019

A4AC Architects was founded in 2013 by Dirk Coetser and John Saaiman. Located in Johannesburg, this architectural firm is at the forefront of providing architectural plans, interior design ideas, construction documentation, and management services to South Africans (although the company has also completed projects throughout the rest of Africa). The professionals that make up A4AC Architects are also proud of the fact that they are quite experienced when it comes to refurbishing shipping containers – one of the trendiest phases when it comes to the evolution of architecture. Recently, the firm also took another great step forward to put them on-trend with 21st century designers: it acquired a 3D printer. Thus, for any forthcoming new builds, A4AC Architects offers free 3D printing services to further bridge the communication gap between architect and client. Let’s further explore this fascinating feature that enhances communication and design in the modern era!


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