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Top 5 3D Printing Trends of 2019

Top 5 3D Printing Trends of 2019

Written by David

April 16, 2019

3D printing is revolutionizing the way we create products, the way we think of manufacturing, and the way business is done. Just in the past few years, we’ve already seen this technology reinventing the ways we design, prototype, and problem-solve across all types of industries. And 2019 promises even more innovation ahead. Below are a few of the top trends we expect to see in the world of 3D printing throughout the remainder of the year. Material Matters It’s safe to say that we can expect 3D printing to grow in overall scope — in terms of the quantities being manufactured, the industries being served, and the speed of production — and that means engineers will be pushing the technology in new and exciting ways. This, in turn, means new materials. In addition to a rapidly growing pool of polymer solutions, 3D printing is positioned to stretch into the […]


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