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Top 10 Applications of 3D Printing in Art

Top 10 Applications of 3D Printing in Art

Written by David

October 2, 2018

3D printing technology is a source of artistic inspiration for millions of artists across the world. Especially with the advent of 3D printing metal , artists can create beautiful, intricate pieces. This is through making art accessible to all, developing new forms, and materialising the invisible, is getting new people interested in art through 3D printing. So here is our Top 10 Applications of 3D Printing in Art. We have already made a Top 12 3D printing in fashion , which you can check out. 10. Banksy printed in 3D This is the work of the render3dart company, who printed some of Banksy’s famous works in 3D. This is more interesting as the works were only made in 2D, so the models had to be made from this 2D picture. To achieve this, the firm used powder binding 3D printers. A Banksy artwork in 3D 9. Oliver van Herpt’s […]


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