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TOP 10 3D-printing stories of 2018

innovations with 3D-printing never seem to slow down. 2017 saw the process being frequently integrated in a wide variety of fields, from manufacturing to medicine and from furniture to footwear design. this trend continued to grow in 2018 with many progressive and diverse projects featuring on designboom and fascinating our readers in turn. even with whimsical accessories, 3D-printing stories all inspire further experimentation that often creates change for the better and, in the instance of space exploration, enables world firsts. continuing round ups of 2018 , we look back at the TOP 10 3D printing stories that grabbed our and, most importantly, designboom readers’ attention over the past 12 months. image courtesy of NASA NASA has selected the five winning designs in the latest stage of its 3D-printed habitat competition, including a pod inspired by the anatomy of a spider and a vertical egg-like container . teams were challenged […]


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