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Tonkin Liu develops trachea stent prototype using architectural Shell Lace Structure

Written by Paul

October 23, 2018

Stephen Lawrence Prize-winning architects Anna Liu and Mike Tonkin of London-based Tonkin Liu have developed an innovative medical device called the Shell Lace Stent for use in patients’ windpipes. The prototype stent is based on the firm’s signature Shell Lace Structure, a “single-surface structural technology designed and developed through a decade of research for architectural and engineering applications,” and prototyped using digital design software and 3D printing. Tonkin Liu has pioneered the use of structures based on a single-surface shell lace design – such as its Solar Gate sculpture in Hull, completed last year, as well as in ultra-lightweight pavilions, bridges and towers. The new stent design exerts a natural outward pressure that lessens the risk of movement – one of the problems that affects products currently in use. To be suitable for medical use, the 3D printed prototype is 500 times smaller than those previously created for their […]

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