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Toadi smashes its fundraising goal in 14 minutes flat to raise $1.3 million for lawn robot

Toadi , an AI-powered yard robot technology with object recognition and security features, has surpassed the goals of its Kickstarter campaign only 14 minutes after the launch. Being featured on the platform this June 25th, the campaign reached $1,200,000 on the first day and ended up getting featured in the “Projects We Love” section of the Kickstarter platform.


The 3D printed Toadi self-driving lawn robot works by integrating a camera with artificial intelligence to recognize and avoid objects in front of it, such as trees, animals, and other people. Unlike many robots, the technology behind Toadi’s autonomous AI-powered features is similar to the kind currently revolutionizing the automotive industry, just like a Tesla. It’s only required to walk around a designated area for Toadi to recognize its dimensions and start mowing with its titanium coated blades. The robot can also map new areas by itself, and it’s possible to designate no-mowing […]


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