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To fight coronavirus, 3D printer company Carbon helps make face shields

Written by David

March 24, 2020

Carbon’s L1 3D printers can make products with a wide variety of properties, from hard plastic to squishy shock absorbing materials in shoes and helmets. Carbon, a startup whose 3D printers are used to make everything from bicycle seats to teeth straighteners, is now tackling the new coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19.


Within 24 hours, it’ll send medical face shield designs to its network of customers who’ve bought its 3D printers, said Carbon co-founder and Executive Chairman Joseph DeSimone on Monday. The company also is working on nasal swab designs that could be used for gathering samples to test for COVID-19. Although hospitals are testing its samples, that effort is in an earlier stage, said DeSemone, who handed the Carbon chief executive role to Ellen Kullman in 2019. The effort is one of several to apply 3D printing technology to the fight against coronavirus . 3D printing, […]


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