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Thor3D announces two new software bundles for Calibry 3D scanner

Written by David

January 16, 2020

Russian handheld 3D scanner developer Thor3D has announced two new bundles for its 3D scanning technology.


The company has revealed partnerships with Californian software developers nPowerSoftware and Pixologic, agreeing to provide packages of its 3D scanners with their respective software technologies. Users who purchase the nPowerSoftware bundle will be provided with Thor3D’s Calibry 3D scanner and nPowerSoftware’s Cyborg3D Mesh To CAD application. The other bundle also includes the Calibry 3D scanner, alongside Pixologic’s ZBrush digital sculpting tool . This bundle is aimed at digital artists, game and product designers.


Commenting on the partnership with Pixologic, Anna Zevelyov, CEO and Co-Founder of Thor3D, states: “With Calibry and Zbrush combined together, digital sculptors, artists and designers can get their projects done so much easier.” “We continue to expand the portfolio of our bundles and are proud to collaborate with Zbrush.” The Calibry 3D scanner. Photo via Thor3D 3D scanning at […]


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