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This Social Entrepreneur Used Her MBA To Launch A 3D Printing Startup In Africa

This Social Entrepreneur Used Her MBA To Launch A 3D Printing Startup In Africa

Written by David

March 4, 2019

Elizabeth, founder of Kuunda 3D, wants to use entrepreneurship as a force for good Sustainability and environmentalism have always been high up Elizabeth Rogers’ agenda. Having studied biochemistry at the University of Victoria, she began her career in biotech in Canada, where she found herself consistently drawn to the environmentally focused division of industry—the “green team”, as she puts it. At the time, environmental action in companies was vague. It was focused on “the fluffy world of what we should be doing,” says Elizabeth—more talk, less action. As she pushed for further sustainability, she found herself hitting the same wall repeatedly. “I couldn’t speak the language of the CFO,” Elizabeth points out, “I couldn’t turn these ideas into a business case.” It was this desire that led Elizabeth towards the MBA at Rotterdam School of Management , which ticked the sustainability box for her. Rotterdam’s course emphasizes the importance […]


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