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This is how Carbon is going to 3D print millions of durable end-use parts

Before Carbon ‘s CEO and Co-founder Dr. Joseph DeSimone introduced his disruptive vision, photopolymerizable (light cured) materials were not considered suitable for durable, end-use parts. Thus, there was no real reason to accelerate the speed of 3D printing processes. Carbon changed all this by finding a new way to print urethane-based and epoxy-based dual-cure materials at high speeds. This meant that 3D printing could challenge injection molding for an unprecedented number of applications. Helping companies identify these applications – while maintaining a central focus on customer success – is a job for Paul DiLaura: Carbon’s VP of Sales comes from 10 years at Dassault Systèmes, to take the company into a new dimension, one where hundreds and thousands of SpeedCells produce millions of digital parts for automotive, aerospace, medical and dental, and consumer product segments. Paul DiLaura, VP of Sales at Carbon. If 3D printing continues to evolve at […]


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