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This 3D Printer Prints Whatever You Want – Without STLs

Written by David

August 13, 2019

Researchers from Virginia Tech showcased a 3D printing device called Source Form that uses crowdsourced data to create objects based on requests.


Could it make STL files redundant?


Ever wished you could just tell your 3D printer what to print and it would just do it for you? Researchers from Virginia Tech multidisciplinary have a solution for you. They’ve developed Source Form, a stand-alone device that crowdsources images of a user-defined object to create a model, which it then 3D prints.


This technology could result in an easier 3D printing process, making STL files redundant. Source Form was recently on display in Los Angeles, California at the SIGGRAPH 2019 conference. Through the use of photogrammetry, the device can stitch together photos tagged with a user’s search item to come up with a model. Two outcomes are possible with this automated, crowdsourced object generator. Either it will […]

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