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This 3D-printed steel bridge will be installed over an Amsterdam canal

Photo by Adriaan de Groot via Dezeen Throughout his career, Dutch designer Joris Laarman has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with a 3D printer. Best known for his Bone Chair , Laarman is a pro experimenter with process and form. Since 2015, Laarman has been working on his most ambitious project yet—a 40-foot 3D-printed steel bridge that will span an Amsterdam canal. Now, nearly four years after he started the project , the bridge is fully printed and ready to install. Photo by Adriaan de Groot via Dezeen Working with his 3D printing company, MX3D , Laarman and his team designed a six-axis robot capable of 3D printing a swooping load-bearing structure from molten steel. The bridge itself is an impressive feat of technology, starting with its complex form, which was printed in chunks before being welded together. Photo by Adriaan de Groot via Dezeen It’s also embedded […]


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