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This 3D printed football helmet liner promises better protection

This 3D printed football helmet liner promises better protection

Written by David

February 1, 2019

Football equipment company Riddell and 3D printing and manufacturing firm Carbon announced today that they are teaming up to improve head protection for football players. The pair will produce custom-fitted, 3D printed helmet liners that will aim to absorb contact and provide more protection for football players at all levels. The customize liners will be made of an elastomeric lattice structure made from a custom resin material. Essentially, the liners are designed to resume its original form after experiencing an impact that changes its shape. They will be customizable and designed to perfectly fit an athlete’s head, providing more personalized protection inside their helmet. For the time being, the liner will only be available for the Riddell SpeedFlex Precision Diamond helmet. According to Riddell, that model of the helmet was used by a select few NFL players during the 2018 season. The helmet will be commercially available starting this […]


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