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Think your 3D printer is precise? You need to see IVI

Think your 3D printer is precise? You need to see IVI

Written by David

May 9, 2019

Most 3D printers are relatively accurate nowadays. But when every micron matters, you can’t afford missed steps. The IVI 3D Printer uses a closed-loop control system to provide the best possible accuracy. How accurate is 3D printing? Most of the 3D printers available to hobbyists are accurate to around 100 microns (0.1 mm). Commercial printers have a far smaller tolerence. What is a closed-loop control system? It’s a system that repeats a given action based on feedback. This ensures that important steps won’t be missed. What is the most affordable closed-loop 3D printer? On pre-order at $369, IVI offers a great balance between price and precision. You can do some amazing things with the right design software and a 3D printer. What’s more, the cost of this set-up has dropped sharply over the past five years. However, 3D printing is not without its challenges. Trying to produce parts and […]


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