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The “world’s largest metal 3D printer” is being used to build rockets

The “world’s largest metal 3D printer” is being used to build rockets

Written by David

April 20, 2019

Additive manufacturing is reaching new heights as Relativity Space uses building-size, custom-built 3D printing equipment to manufacture spacecraft The sky’s the limit for a small Los Angeles-based startup with big plans for its building-size 3D printer. The firm, Relativity Space , was launched by former college classmates Tim Ellis and Jordan Noone. After graduation, Ellis was hired by Blue Origin and Noone signed on with SpaceX, two high-profile spaceflight companies with famous founders (Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, respectively). Ellis and Noone reconnected in 2015 and decided to start a competing firm. The founders distinguished their company from Blue Origin and SpaceX by setting a novel and ambitious goal: be the first to 3D-print an entire rocket. The venture has drawn financial support from numerous well-known sources, including billionaire investor Mark Cuban. Why Print a Rocket? Test, Analyze, Characterize There’s more to Relativity’s focus on 3D printing than just […]


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