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The Top 10 New Features in SOLIDWORKS 2019

The Top 10 New Features in SOLIDWORKS 2019

Written by David

November 12, 2018

SOLIDWORKS adds hundreds of new features every single release – and SOLIDWORKS 2019 is no exception. With great improvements in assembly performance, new workflows, and new surface texture features, SOLIDWORKS continues to innovate in 3D CAD. THE BEST OF SOLIDWORKS 2019 RELEASE 1. NEW 3D TEXTURE TOOL Convert patterns from an image file into 3D geometry automatically Output mesh geometry directly for downstream manufacturing processes New slicer feature provides workflows to develop solid geometry from mesh models 2. IMPROVED EDITING WITH LARGE ASSEMBLY TOOLS Large Design Review (LDR) mode now supports a number of editing actions Access and edit mates, add and remove components, and change configurations While seeing excellent system performance, leverage magnetic mates and reference geometry for a quick layout of large facilities and plants 3. ENHANCED GRAPHICAL PERFORMANCE SOLIDWORKS 2019 takes advantage of the latest graphics card technology for GPU processing of a graphical display Manipulate […]


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