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The stuff that change is made of

The stuff that change is made of

Written by David

November 7, 2018

Sunlight in the tank How agile development methods help to overcome fears concerning the range of electric cars It has always been difficult to assess the long-term significance of inventions. When Nikolaus August Otto invented the four-stroke engine in 1862, many people failed to realise that this milestone was about to change the world. Whether or not this flash of inspiration was the decisive factor in the triumph of the automobile is still not clear. But nevertheless, it was important. Again and again, history has shown that it is not always one huge idea that brings about a paradigm shift, but rather a series of small, very precise impulses. Small, precise development impulses are one of EDAG’s specialities. Take a look at the history of the engineering service provider, and you will keep coming across impulses that have by now gained technological and social consensus. These include car sharing […]


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