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The State of Food 3D Printing, Part 2: Food Printers Available Now

Written by David

January 10, 2020

The food printing space is still only in its formational stages, but there are early innovators who have actually made this science fiction concept into a reality.


There are a number of food 3D printers you can buy right now, all of which are based on extrusion processes and are designed for printing with chocolate or food pastes.


The Focus 3D (€3,900) comes with 10 food-safe and refillable cartridges, four nozzles in two different sizes and access to paste recipes that include: chocolate ganache, meringue, savory dips, fruit, cookie dough, meat, celery-hazelnut, marzipan and icing.


After early public events showcasing its printer, the Dutch company behind the system, byFlow, continues to travel the globe to showcase its technology. It also been recently listed as a leading and gender-diverse startup in the Netherlands by the country’s press. Available from byFlow Natural Machines may not have been able to launch […]


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