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The Smallest 3D Printed Things

The Smallest 3D Printed Things

Written by David

January 30, 2019

Back to top Small 3D printed things are a great indicator of just how capable a 3D printer is, and are amazing to look at. Let’s take a look at some of the smallest high-quality 3D prints ever produced. Small 3D printed objects are considered to be even more difficult to print than big ones. To succeed, every aspect has to be nicely balanced: the interplay between settings and materials, the 3D model, and the know-how of the producer to choose the right settings. If all is working nicely, 3D printers can produce amazing tiny objects. Let’s take a look at the smallest 3D printed objects we could find. A 3D printed figurine of Daniel Norée, an award winning 3D designer from Sweden (Source: Daniel Norée , who is an award-winning Swedish 3D designer, father of the popular Benchy and 3D Printing evangelist, has uploaded a 3D model […]


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