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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Society

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Society

Written by David

November 19, 2018

Blog 3D Printing for Healthcare Artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed the way we do business and our everyday lives. Virtual assistants, computer-aided diagnosis and clinical decision support are just a few examples of how AI has transformed the healthcare sector. Yet, there is a dark side of AI. The malicious use of AI can create significant problems for the healthcare sector and beyond. AI may be developed with a malicious purpose in mind, or AI may be exploited by adversaries with a malicious purpose – in other words, currently available technology may be intentionally misused. Checks and Balances in Innovation While many view AI as a panacea, it is not without faults. Through the use of AI, a machine may make mistakes that a human may never make. For reasons such as these, it is important to keep in mind the concept of “man and machine” instead of “man […]


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