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The Progress & Ongoing Challenge of 3D Bioprinting Cardiac Tissue

Written by David

March 24, 2020

In the recently published ‘ 3D bioprinting and its potential impact on cardiac failure treatment: An industry perspective,’ authors Ravi K. Birla and Stuart K. Williams explore the potential for tissue engineering in cardiac medicine, and the eventual assembly of a bioprinted heart.


While heart failure usually requires a transplant, it can be challenging to find a suitable donor. Once a transplant is completed, there is a long road ahead too via a permanent need for immune suppression therapy—treatment that is hard on patients. The usual survival rate for patients is typically under 13 years.


“There are currently more than 6.2 million patients in the US with heart failure, and heart failure accounted for 78,356 mortalities in 2016,” stated the authors. In this study, the researchers review the challenges of bioprinting for the creation of heart tissue, as well as the ‘logical and systematic process to bioprint human heart.’ […]


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