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The Perfect Pair of Pants Is Just a 3D Body Scan Away

The Perfect Pair of Pants Is Just a 3D Body Scan Away

Written by David

February 28, 2019

Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images Like so many women, Meghan Litchfield dreaded shopping for jeans. There were the garden variety complaints: inconsistent sizing between brands, the way back pockets stretched or sagged, the humiliation of walking into a dressing room with half a dozen options only to walk out empty-handed. Even the best candidates were ill-fitting. Most of the time, she’d buy jeans one size up to fit her hips, then ask a tailor take them in at the waist. Litchfield, formerly a vice president at GoPro, figured there must be a way to shop that wasn’t so demoralizing. Instead of taking off-the-rack clothes to the tailor, what if she could buy her clothes tailor-made? And what if she make that happen for other women, too? A solution arrived late last year with Redthread , the start-up Litchfield created to make bespoke clothing for anyone with a smartphone. Customers choose an […]


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