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The Pakistani startup looking to print human organs

Image courtesy of Shutterstock As industries become more comfortable with 3D-printers, the next frontier for the technology goes beyond printing plastics to metals and eventually human tissue. Xplorer 3D, a Pakistani startup which now has its headquarters in the UAE, is already experimenting with different materials and the company has its sights set on printing human tissue. Launched in 2013 as a 3D-printing services company, founder and managing director Tayyab Alam initially found it difficult to “get the word out”. “We were passionate about it so we stuck with it for some time. By 2015, we were in Dubai and in 2017 we expanded to Saudi Arabia,” says Alam. The company now produces 3D-printers which are assembled in Pakistan for the manufacturing, healthcare, education, defence and fashion industries, with more than 50 different 3D-printing models which it uses to customise products for specific requirements. “We can print metal, titanium, […]


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