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The New Face of Motor City, Part 2

From precision racing to advanced additive manufacturing, these companies are on the leading edge of making Detroit stronger. Two other highlights of my first day in Detroit were visits to Roush and eos. Being familiar with both companies, I was excited to take a look inside their facilities. First up was Roush. A solid performer in the racing world, it still carries the most wins than any other team in history. On top of being good at what it does, Roush started winning early and expanded into multiple types of racing. Today Roush may be best known for its racing performance parts. However, this is only a smaller part of a large, diverse company. Next we visited eos, a company manufacturing 3D printers for metal and plastic. The company offers a lot of experience as the founder, Dr. Hans Langer, has been working on 3D printing since the filing […]


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