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The Mysterious Seurat Metal 3D Printer

The Mysterious Seurat Metal 3D Printer

Written by David

November 26, 2020

I’ve been investigating the rather quiet company Seurat Technologies, which is developing a new metal 3D printing process. I can’t tell you very much, however, as the company is quite secretive about their plans. The only relevant image I can find is the one at the top, supposedly showing their metal 3D printing process underway.


Seurat Technologies What do we know about them?


Well, they launched way back in 2015, five years ago and counting. But we have not yet seen any products emerge from the company. They have a core staff that has experience from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where advanced 3D printing things have been happening for many years, so it’s possible some ideas inspired by that organization have made their way into Seurat Technologies. They are developing a new metal 3D printing process that appears at first to […]


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