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The most read stories on additive manufacturing of 2018

The most read stories on additive manufacturing of 2018

Written by David

December 14, 2018

Here at Make Parts Fast, we post hundreds of news and stories for you. It’s time to take a look at which ones were the most read. Do you miss any of these? 1. Can you 3d print your own glasses frames?, a leading online eyewear retailer, plans to disrupt the traditional eyeglass frame market by launching 3D printable glasses. The concept behind this project is that consumers can change the frame shape with colors, adding text to the temples for personalization like name or phone number in case the glasses get lost. The 3D frame files are compatible with STL and OBJ formats and after completing the printing process all that’s left to do is order the lenses from 2. Will aluminum become the new hot material in metal additive manufacturing? The metal additive manufacturing (AM) materials market is shifting from high-cost/top performance alloys such as […]


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