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The Maker Movement, 3D Printing, and the Decentralization of the Means of Production

Written by David

September 26, 2018

In our culture we often think about “technology” and how it will make our lives easier, more fun, or even longer. But rarely do we think about how it will shift and change our cultural structure itself. This post is going to be about how technology, if allowed to advance and permeate through society unhindered, will change societal organization. Whether that is a good or a bad change is up to you. The maker movement has always been a hotbed of innovation, stemming largely from the necessity of individuals to both create meaning in their lives and to provide for themselves in the most economical way possible. While huge corporations with giant R&D budgets and high-tech testing facilities, or powerful governments with their secretive government contracts, are often credited with inventing amazing new gadgets, they are not the true innovators, but rather rely on artificial monopolies on information granted […]

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