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The Last Hype Hump For 3D Printing: TV & Movies

The Last Hype Hump For 3D Printing: TV & Movies

Written by Paul

January 5, 2021

Doctor Who – Dalek – Revolution of the daleks variant 3D model [Source: dorprati2 via CGTrader ] It’s 2021 and additive manufacturing has arrived as a realizable technology suite — but someone should tell film studios that.


3D Printing Hype It’s been over half a decade now (!) since the last time the world at large got really excited about 3D printing. “A 3D printer in everyhome” claims didn’t quite pan out, but maybe the idea behind that thought finally is. Fabbaloo is brought to you this month by: 3D printing has truly proved its mettle in the last 12 months. The technology saw incredible use as an emergency and stop-gap supply chain solution in the face of global pandemic. Many in our industry refer now to 2020 as a tipping point for the technology. This, often, is underscored with a quieter whisper behind it: we mean it this time . When popular media got hold of the concept of 3D printing in the early 2010s, there was a frenzy of excitement. That enthusiasm, though, was well ahead of what the technology of the day could actually offer. There was a letdown, and we entered the Gartner-famous “trough of […]


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