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Written by David

October 2, 2018

Connect with over 5,170,000 members. Share your ideas and CAD models. Free CAD Library Download and upload to the largest collection of professional CAD models anywhere on the internet. Browse the Library Tutorials An online resource to learn from and interact with engineers and designers like you. Learn from Tutorials Compete in Challenges Join Community Today, reverse engineering is high science; the engineering that creates it relies on sophisticated software, scanners, and other cutting-edge technology. This technique is becoming more useful as legacy parts and components become more obsolete. Additionally, manufacturers that originally supplied them sometimes discontinue their operations, ar… Read more One of the ways for your new company to reach potential investors, backers and major customers is by participating in “speed pitching events” where, like speed-dating and elevator speeches, you’ve got only a brief time slot. Read more As an online community of nearly 5 million product […]

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