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The Growing Promise Of Printed Electronics

The Growing Promise Of Printed Electronics

Written by David

December 12, 2018

New sensors could vastly extend the reach of electronics, creating new markets and new opportunities within existing markets. Printing electronics using conductive ink rather than lithography is starting to move out of the research phase, with chipmakers now looking at how to commercialize this technology across a broad range of sensor applications. Unlike traditional semiconductors, which use tiny wires as circuits, printed electronics rely on conductive inks and often flexible films, although they can be printed on almost anything. That allows them to be flowed into places using conformal films, or to be taped onto something like an industrial valve where multiple types of sensors can be used rather than trying to attach a single, discrete sensor on a hard substrate. Moreover, these sensors can be added to existing facilities, rather than replacing existing devices with new parts that contain built-in electronics. This kind of capability—conductive ink with built-in […]


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