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The Future Will Not Be Manufactured

The Future Will Not Be Manufactured

Written by David

January 24, 2019

Nature has been a vital inspiration for human discovery. Like a child which mimics his/her parents before finding their own way, it’s no surprise that when we designed the first airplane, it had flapping wings since that is how we saw a bird fly. Or that we once killed Bison for winter jackets since we saw that their fur was able to keep them warm. When we look closely at design, you will see countless examples of bio-mimicry, from suction cups that mimic Gecko feet to backpacks which are structured like an Armadillo . And as I look into the future of design, I am excited to see Science, Biology, and Technology working more closely together to crack Nature’s code; empowering us to grow things in 3D rather than be manufactured as it is done today. Nature has spent millions of years perfecting itself, but it also had to […]


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