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The Future of 3D Printing: Replication of Human Organs

Written by David

August 12, 2019

(MENAFN – The Costa Rica News) Since its inception, 3D printers have been a great help to medicine creating from functional prostheses to custom bones, but scientists want to go for more.


The new challenge of 3D printers is to create human organs that can be printed on special machines and, through which it would end not only with the large waiting lists for transplants but also with most cases of rejection.


For years, attempts have been made to grow human tissues in laboratories, especially using stem cells, but in the case of organs, the results have not been successful. Bio-printing promises to mix laboratory work with very special printers, capable of taking cells grown in the laboratory and, through a special process, transforming them into a type of organs tailored to the patient. A scientist showing a small piece obtained by using […]

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