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The Financial Benefits of 3D Printing

The Financial Benefits of 3D Printing

Written by David

October 9, 2019

3D printing is no longer tomorrow’s promise; it is available for manufacture today. But with much competition in the investment sphere of technological innovations, from Artificial Intelligence to Augmented Reality, how do you make the business case for 3D?


Down the road, 3D printing will bring about a radical new era of total supply chain transformation, with local, print on demand solutions dramatically reducing both costs and time to market.


But this will take time and, as Paul Croft, Director, Ultimaker GB explains; any business dealing with additive manufacture can explore 3D printing to achieve incremental gains today.


Complementary Model


The goal of 3D printing was never to replace traditional manufacturing processes – contrary to what a small number of hype-mongers may have insisted. 3D is a complementary technology that is built to work alongside current manufacturing methods to develop new efficiencies at every […]


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