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The Fast-Disappearing Barrier to Personalized Everything

The Fast-Disappearing Barrier to Personalized Everything

Written by David

November 21, 2018

Virtual environments combined with 3D printing are breaking down barriers to personalized medicine, from surgical procedures to prosthetics with haptic feedback capabilities. This article was produced for Dassault Systèmes by Scientific American Custom Media, a division separate from the magazine’s board of editors. A made-to-measure 3D-printed prosthetic arm created by Unlimited Tomorrow. Credit: Unlimited Tomorrow Zoe Glenn is a 13-year-old girl from Fort Collins, Colorado, who was born without a left arm. She wears a prosthetic, which allows her to do things like carry her lunch tray and indulge her passion for woodworking. But Glenn has had a hard time tolerating her prosthetics. “Throughout elementary school, her prosthetic, which she calls Lefty, would get too hot, too heavy, too uncomfortable,” says her mother Kristin Glenn. “So she’d take it off and leave it wherever she was—in art class, at lunch, in the sandbox at recess.” In September 2017, the […]


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