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The Development of 3D Printed Custom-Made Bones

The Development of 3D Printed Custom-Made Bones

Written by David

March 30, 2020

Danish startup Particle 3D has developed customized, 3D printed bone implants that attach to the skeleton to stimulate natural bone growth, disappearing when the work is completed.


In comparison with current techniques used to assist bone repair, the innovation reduces the risk of patients developing infection and enhances the positive effects of tricalcium phosphate through its tailoring to fit the body. This advancement is part of a shift we are seeing in healthcare where 3D printing is beginning to take over from traditional processes in a number of fields.


The Rise of 3D Printing in Human Bone Repair Last year, researchers at Northwestern University and the University of Illinois Health, Chicago, successfully used hyperelastic bone , a synthetic material readily produced by 3D-printing, to accelerate bone regeneration in rats with skull defects. The material was seen as having great potential for skull reconstruction in […]


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