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The Delta WASP 3MT CONCRETE 3D printer – technical specifications and pricing

The large-scale concrete 3D printer is aimed at construction professionals, educational institutes, and architects, boasting a “new standard in the additive manufacturing of concrete mortars”.


According to WASP, the printer is productive, versatile, safe, and characterized by the expertise of its manufacturer. The option to swap out the nozzle for a number of modular extruder kits makes the 3MT CONCRETE an adaptable multi-material 3D printer worthy of attention. The Delta WASP 3MT CONCRETE. Photo via WASP. Large-format FDM with WASP The Italian manufacturer already has an impressive portfolio of extrusion-based delta 3D printers, with a focus on large build areas. The base ‘ Delta Family ’ of 3D printers feature the delta coordinate setup, characterized by the triangular formation of the stepper motors. These printers start at 2,370EUR and are capable of printing PLA, ABS, PETG, PA carbon. The ‘ Clay ’ series of 3D printers feature the same […]


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