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The Dazzling World of 3D Woven Fabric

The Dazzling World of 3D Woven Fabric

Written by David

February 14, 2019

Woven fabrics are now entering the third dimension in the stand-out work of Noa Raviv. Traditional woven fabric works in two dimensions: weft threads are woven through warp threads, creating the classic woven cloth that we have seen for centuries. When weft threads pass above and below warp threads, they create a single fabric layer. But what could happen if multiple woven layers were intertwined, and stacked together? This question has been answered by designer and artist Noa Raviv, in her recent work, Hard Copy. Noa’s work has always walked the fine line between fashion and technology. Her designs re-defined what smart textiles could be, which is why she has been invited to present her work in museums around the world. Forbes included her in their 30under30 list, and she was also chosen by Vogue as one of the best 16 young designers of 2016. As she works to […]


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