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The Climbing Koala 3D Printer and the Future of Manufacturing and Construction

Although 3D printing technology has opened up countless possibilities, there is one large drawback to the conventional indoor 3D systems: they can only produce items smaller than the printers.


To address this drawback, engineers at the University of Chile have developed a 3D printing technology that is one part 3D printer, and one part climbing robot.


The “Koala 3D” printer combines these technologies to print and scale along the object as it goes, enabling the additive manufacturing of objects without any size limitations. How Does the Climbing 3D Printer Work? The Chilean researchers developed their additive manufacturing system after realizing that a 3D printer capable of moving freely can produce items much bigger than the system itself. Therefore, the Koala 3D printer can horizontally and vertically navigate the object that it is fabricating during production. To achieve this capability, the research team designed a robot that […]


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