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The car of the future in 7 steps

The car of the future in 7 steps

Written by David

February 3, 2019

“A computer paints a new Rembrandt.” “Music compositions at the push of a button.” “Will artificial intelligence put designers out of a job?” No, these aren’t taken from a futuristic daydream but are real-life news about digital art from the last few years. In the Netherlands, for example, art experts used 3D scans to digitize 346 paintings by Rembrandt. They then fed the data into a deep learning algorithm and set a task that would test the program’s ability to learn. On the basis of artificial intelligence (AI), a picture was to be created depicting a “white, middle-aged man with facial hair” wearing “black clothes with a white collar and a hat.” The resulting image (see right), made up of 148 million pixels and 150 gigabytes of data, was then 3D-printed to give it the same texture as an oil painting. The digital “painting” was so authentic-looking that even […]


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