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The best 5 Tips for 3D printing with Nylon PA12

The best 5 Tips for 3D printing with Nylon PA12

Written by David

May 10, 2019

From electronics to pharmacies and food industry , Nylon PA12 offers a wide range of applications. It is also very well known in Additive Manufacturing for its strength, great mechanical properties, and durability. Nylon PA12 is very popular and produces high-quality parts, but they have to be designed properly. Wondering how to design 3D models for Nylon PA12? Become an expert with our blog post! How are your parts produced? Nylon PA12 is plastic, in Additive Manufacturing used as a fine powder. A thin layer of the powder is spread on a printing bed and then a laser fuses it locally in the shape of your parts. This technology is called Selective Laser Sintering . We recently talked about how industrial 3D printing works, you can learn more about plastic, metal and resin printing here . 5 pro tips for 3D printing with Nylon PA12 // Nylon PA12 […]


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