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The 9 Different Types of 3D Printers

The 9 Different Types of 3D Printers

Written by David

September 28, 2018

3D printing is the latest thing to excite anyone who loves easy-to-use interactive technology. Engineers and scientists have actually been working with this amazing equipment since way back in 1983 . That’s the time when an American engineer named Charles (Chuck) Hull invented the first ever 3D printer. He called it his SLA machine, which stands for stereolithography apparatus. Some in the industry refer to part of the 3D printing process as Additive Manufacturing (AM), but we’ll use its practical name here—3D Printing. This will keep the guide consistent and easy to read. The Reasons for Several Types of 3D Printer The reasons there are different types of 3D printers and printing processes are similar to that of the 2D printers we’re so familiar with. It all comes down to the following six considerations: Printer cost Print quality Print speed Printer capability Practicality User expectations Some printers only print […]


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