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The 3D printing revolution is finally here

The 3D printing revolution is finally here

As COVID-19 wreaks havoc on global supply chains , a trend of moving manufacturing closer to customers could go so far as to put miniature manufacturing plants in people’s living rooms.


Most products in Americans’ homes are labeled “Made in China,” but even those bearing the words “Made in USA” frequently have parts from China that are now often delayed.


The coronavirus pandemic closed so many factories in China that NASA could observe the resultant drop in pollution from space , and some products are becoming harder to find. [Photo: courtesy of the author] But at the same time, there are open-source, freely available digital designs for making millions of items with 3D printers, and their numbers are growing exponentially , as is an interest in open hardware design in academia . Some designs are already being shared for open-source medical hardware to help during the pandemic , like […]


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