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The 14 Best 3D Printing Software Of 2020

The 14 Best 3D Printing Software Of 2020

Written by David

June 27, 2020

3D printing technology has significantly improved in the past decade. And now it is taking more and more branches of the economy by storm. So far, it has been successfully utilized in a variety of fields, ranging from medical and manufacturing to sociocultural sectors.


However, 3D modeling is not easy to learn. Sometimes it becomes frustrating to work with 3D modeling tools, and if you are a beginner, designing and printing a simple structure could take days or even weeks.


Below you will find easy-to-use 3D printing tools that feature innovative design, extraordinarily capabilities, and seamless integration with computer hardware. We have provided all information on proficiency levels and where they can be downloaded. 14. Sculptris Price: Free Platform: Windows | macOS Plus Point: Lightweight and easy to pick up. Sculptris is a virtual sculpting tool that primarily focuses on the concept of modeling clay. It will be a […]


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