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Texas company plans to sell country’s first permitted, 3D-printed house

Texas company plans to sell country's first permitted, 3D-printed house

Written by David

February 6, 2019

AUSTIN, Texas — There’s a lot that 3D printers have made: bones , rockets , buildings . In fact, in Austin, you’ll find a 350-square-foot structure billed by its builders, start-up company ICON, as the country’s first permitted 3D-printed house. But build much bigger, and you’ll have problems. “Once you get large enough, you really need some form of steel or some other means to reinforce the concrete,” said Andrew Colopy, assistant professor of architecture at Rice University. Larry Haines, founder of Austin-based Sunconomy, said his company has partnered with San Francisco residential building company, Forge New, to develop a system called We Print Houses. It will allow them to create bigger homes. They use a unique mobile platform to which they attach a print head. […]


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